Stress is

your breast pump breaking at the end of your workday when you're really really needing to pump before a conference call.  And by the time the sh*t hits the fan you don't have time left to run down and feed your baby, who's right downstairs and could totally help you out with this.  There are so many things that hurt about this situation.



seussgirl said...

Maybe this won't help, but maybe it can make you laugh? I left my pump parts in a pot of boiling water WHILE I LEFT THE HOUSE, and came home to a house full of smoke, and a $300 pot with $200 worth of melted plastic stuck to the bottom. With twins just home from the NICU who couldn't actually nurse and were getting all b/milk from my pump, which was now a lump of useless expensive plastic. :)

Sorry for your stress!

8:43 PM