Amusing, but a little bit frightening

Today at the CHW our fax machine broke, and I happened to be waiting for two important and timely faxes. I called around to the other offices in our building, to ask if I could use their fax machine to receive my incoming docs. Within the building, two other fax machines were broken (which begs the question, how often do fax machines malfunction!???), and another one had run out of toner. We had toner in our office, so I brought it downstairs to see if it was compatible with my coworker C's fax machine. Nope. Then I started to panic. What now? No one had a fax machine I could use. I frantically called our fax machine repair guy - he couldn't come out until tomorrow morning!!! I needed to sign and return those papers! And I really needed to do it this afternoon!

I'm ashamed to say it took me an hour to come up with this solution: The office I needed the faxes from was located directly across the street from me. I could walk over to get the docs! (Yes, folks, this is life in higher ed administration.)

So I walked across the street. It's crazy how reliant we are on modern technology. This is an extreme, and embarrassing, example, but the point is relevant.