Speak now or forever hold your tongue

It's a great movie about family dynamics over the holidays. It comforted me to think that my people, dysfunctional though they may be, aren't that crazy! But honestly, the family portrayed is really very sweet and lovable.

Topping the Lovability List is Ben, the character played by dopey, unassuming Luke Wilson. Luke Wilson is one seriously lovable guy. He's irresistibly lovable. In every role he plays he's so laid back and kind, and always a little bit wise. I wonder what he's like in real life. Of course, actors are actors because they pretend to be someone they're not and they do that really well. But it's impossible not to create a personality for them, either based on their general vibe or on the characters they play, because they seem so familiar to us. They're in our everyday lives. Well, at least they are if you're addicted to People.

I would be so heartbroken if I ever found out that Luke Wilson is really a bastard. I made an error in judgment once, when I chose Billy Bob Thorton as my first Celebrity Husband. What an ass he turned out to be - whenever I see him being interviewed I cringe at his very pompous, very intentional lack of pomp. Edward Norton was my second CH, and he and I hung in there for years. But, not being very good with commitment, I eventually had to go mainstream with Matt Damon. He married his personal assistant for crying out loud! How can you not love a good ol' down to earth New England boy? Plus he had some kickass fight scenes in The Bourne Identity. Finally, my inner anglophile overtook me, and the underdog Chris Martin became my CH #4. Everyone makes fun of how ugly he is - I can't resist rooting for him and his crooked rock 'n' roll Brit smile. And now, fickle-hearted, I'm contemplating a 5th go at things, with none other than Mr. Wilson. If you've got any dirt on him, please fill me in so I don't have another black mark on my record. That whole vile-of-blood-necklace thing is impossible to live down.