Today we had our division-wide anti discrimination/sexual harassment training. You'd think that could be at the very least amusing, and you'd be right. Save one fact - Boyfriend, in addition to being a fabulous and devoted partner, is also my colleague. Which made for some uncomfortable moments when the subject of workplace dating came up. Ick. Thankfully, it's not prohibited at EC. (I learned this today, since I'd never bothered to investigate the matter previously because I am a devout follower the None of Their Goddamn Business philosophy.) But it is, as I also learned today, "Strongly discouraged." Hmmm. I don't know if everyone in the room was really looking at us, but it certainly felt like it. I probably appeared avoidant when the topic was raised because I was staring up at the ceiling. But really I was just trying to figure out where the air vent was located, since in a matter of minutes the conference room had turned into Antarctica, yet no vents were apparent to the naked eye. Tricky design plan.