Girls just wanna have... eveningwear, really

At EC we have an event in April that is just shy of black-tie. I was telling my coworker R about it this morning, and saying how I was drooling over this dress in JCrew that would be perfect for the gala, but that sadly it isn't (or, okay, it shouldn't be) in my budget for next month. So R told me that she has several high couture dresses for black-tie fundraisers that would fit me perfectly - she said she'd worn most of them when she was my size and promised they would be glove snug. We agreed that we would have an after-work gal night at her house soon and I could try them all on. But, she couldn't wait, so on her lunch hour she ran home to get them. And we had a little fashion show here at the CHW. I went in the bathroom and instructed the NPs that anyone needing to give a urine sample would just have to wait - important projects were underway. All of the dresses I tried on were gorgeous, and, as promised, fit like second skin. I chose one for the EC event, and R promised to bring me shoes, a purse, and earrings to match it. What a fun day! I thanked R for all her trouble, but she shrugged it off. "It's like having my own Barbie doll," she said. I'm not a huge Barbie fan, but whatever - if someone wants to dress me up in fancy clothes I'm totally in.