Stepping on your own egg

So today I was talking to R, and the subject of her ex-husband came up. He's pretty much a bastard. But what surprises me is not how he treats R (okay, that surprises me a little, because she's sweet, accomplished, and drop dead gorgeous and he cheated on her - what could this man possibly want in a partner?), but how he treats his son. Despite his six-figure salary, he refuses to contribute to The Little Man's college fund. TLM's only five, so it's not exactly pressing, but it is, exactly, in the divorce agreement. Legal binding contract aside, how can he not want to provide for his child? I can see alimony being a little bit annoying. Relationships between adults can dissolve into apathy if not genuine mounted dislike over the course of a marriage. But the kid? It's his. His kid, his ticket to a little piece of genetic immortality. It seems unnatural to me that a man would do anything but fully provide for his offspring.

I have a headache. I think my ponytail is too tight.