Please, no more!

This guy is a freaky little shit. Not that many things totally gross me out (okay, there are a million things that totally gross me out), but this tops the list. I don't really like the cockroach commercials around dinner time, but I can handle it. But watching The Dermatophyte ("I'm a Dermatophyte, and I live under your nail!") pick up someone's toenail and climb underneath makes me feel like I've been violated. Whether I'm eating or not. Anytime. I can't handle him anytime.

They must be trying to scare us into asking our doctors for Lamisil. By making toenail fungus SO DISGUSTING that we can't bear to imagine having it, or if we have it, living with it for one second longer. And their strategy works. I don't have toenail fungus, but I am scared to death of it. I don't want that Dermatophyte. I live in fear of him.



clipper829 said...

Oh, my god! I was getting a pedicure today, and the nail salon had a television on - and this very commercial came on. I was so disgusted. I cannot handle him anytime either, especially when someone is working on my toenail!

8:44 PM