BF has a friend in town and I'm off to catch up with them for some drinks. I skipped dinner because I wanted to go to HW for my final chance to workout there - my membership's up. It was really tough to say that goodbye - almost like you'd feel leaving an apartment or an office - someplace constant where you had a minute to catch your breath as you watched your life play out day after day.

Ooo, they haven't left for the restaurant yet - I can have dinner after all. Nothin' like a snack to soften an emotional blow :)



Bob said...

Hi Elle..thanks for the comments you've left on my blog..and it's okay that you like the reflections in my paintings. I don't want to get all psychological (but it seems I'm heading that way), I think it's cool that you appreciate the things in my paintings that 'aren't real' (yes, I know the reflections are real, but their isn't an upside-down bridge/tree/lighthouse/etc.) in the water. I think most of us like seeing the little hints around us that make things seem more real. An example would be seeing yourself or someone you know in the reflection of a storefront window making the real world have depth. Without the reflections (those little 'unreal' details) the world would seem to be a much flatter, grayer, uninteresting place.

12:15 PM
Trish said...

Talk to me about leaving a place! They say that when one door closes another one opens up. But it's just so hard when you have a familiar refuge for so long and then you have to leave it behind.

8:04 AM