Knowing you

On Monday the weather was beautiful, so BF and I packed up the car and drove to Horseneck beach. On the way home, we stopped at Handy Hill for some ice cream. BF got a milkshake, and I got a softserve cone using a free token. We hopped back in the car and BF took the wheel. After a few minutes I was tired of eating the ice cream part of my ice cream cone and just wanted the cone part. So I decided to throw the ice cream part out the window as we sped along Route 88. I stuck my hand out and gave the cone a good flick, and the ice cream went flying. Then, I was curious to see if it had hit our car. So I leaned out the open window to have a peek and my sunglasses got snatched off my head by the wind and smashed into about a billion pieces on the road behind us. They were my favorite pair. I feel like the universe has a pretty close eye on me, because retribution is always in the form of a promptly delivered slap on the wrist.

The ice cream did hit the car, which for some reason I thought was really pretty funny. And note, it hit OUR car, not the cars behind us or the animals on the side of the highway.

On Tuesday, BF and I did some grocery shopping to get ingredients for a salad to bring to a friend's bbq. We threw the bags in the trunk, and I fished out a carton of Jersey blueberries to eat on the ride back to Cambridge. I sat in the passenger seat, picking out the best looking blueberries: one for me, one for BF, one for me, etc. At some point I came across a squished, fat, wrinkled blueberry in the bunch and decided to chuck it. I had just fished it out of the carton when BF warned me "There's a car behind us honey - don't throw that, okay?"

How did he know? I didn't even LOOK like I was getting ready to fling it out the window. It was like he read my mind!

When I asked him about it, he just said "I know you."




Trish said...

You chose the cone over the icecream?? You actually threw the icecream away...?? I sure hope it wasn't chocolate that went out the window.

Sorry about the glasses.

12:35 PM