Read the fine print

Today at lunch TD and I went to Ann Taylor Loft. I had a coupon I wanted to use. It took a few failed attempts but finally I tried on a green corduroy dress that fit well and is very fall. I came out of the dressing room, spun around, and got my first and only thumbs up from TD.

Satisfied, we headed to the register where I presented the saleswoman with my coupon.

"Do you have the receipt?"

"Ummmm, no. Why?"

"I need the original purchase receipt for the order the coupon was issued through."


"I'm very serious."

"I see that. I don't have the receipt with me, because that's just ridiculous."

"I can't activate the coupon without it."

"I'm in shock here. Does that not seem bizarre to you? Who needs a receipt to use a coupon?"

"It says right here on the coupon," she pointed to the information in 3pt font on the coupon the size of a small business card. "that you need to bring your receipt with you at the time of purchase."

"Who reads a coupon? I mean, you all should bold that. For real. No one reads their coupons."

"I'll hold this for you, miss. Just fill out this form with your name and phone number and you can come back at a later time with all the required documentation."

I sighed, took the pen and the form, and moved over on the counter to let the next customer step forward. The customer piled her clothes by the register and said "I have this coupon..."

"Do you have your original receipt with you?"

"Yes, it's right here."

The saleswoman gave me a pointed look and I narrowed my eyes in reponse.

"She is so clearly the exception!"



SongBird said...

Oh, puhlease....what a pain!! So is the dress worth digging out the receipt and going back?

9:51 PM
Trish said...

Oh I hate that fine print crap...I can just imagine the big-wigs at corporate head office thinking this stuff up.

4:05 PM
Bob said...

Okay...again...'cause I'm a guy, I guess I'm going to be overruled, but if a store did that to me, I'd never go back and I'd tell everyone I know that I was cheated and leave it to them to decide if they continue to shop there. I give stores ONE chance to satisfy me then it's OFF with their heads if they don't. Don't you think it would make cashiers think twice about enforcing stupid rules if we were all able to carry swords?

7:10 PM
Bob said...

....and another thing...that customer that DID have the receipt, I'd flatten her tires with my sword, but she's probably the type that has the original receipt for her tires that are under warranty and the original AAA card that gives her roadside service. She's the type that could make her own diamonds if she stuck a piece of coal up her bum!

7:14 PM