Six of one

My coworker came at me this morning before I had my office door unlocked with this bad-self help-book gem of information: "I recently read about how all men fantasize about other women!"

Sigh. Really? "Well, women fantasize about other men all the time."

"Men look at other women!"

"Women imagine themselves in relationships with other men. Which do you think is more harmful?"

"I don't know... the looking is dangerous."

"Mental marriage is a little risky too."

"Whose side are you on?"

"No one's. But right now I'm visualizing Jessica Simpson as my calm, rational, quiet coworker. See, fantasy life is sometimes spurred on by unwelcomed female nagging."

"You're a traitor to our gender."

"Fair enough."



Trish said...

Looking's not so bad...I do it all the time. My Hub even knows that I "like" cute, quiet, bookish men and point them out to me.

1:17 PM
Bob said...

I've always heard that the "first" look is innocent...the second is lust!..... GUILTY as charged! Oh,... by the way, I have some new photos of some recent paintings(albeit a bit fuzzy) on my blogsite now.

12:27 PM