Under the bridge

So BF and I are trying to figure out our Thanksgiving plans. We're either going to my parents' in New Jersey or his aunt's in Chevy Chase. The allure of Washington D.C. is strong. I love D.C. in the fall. I still think of D.C. as the place where I almost ended up, but didn't. I don't have any claim on the city, but it's familiar nonetheless and sort of feels like coming home.

I know Thanksgiving isn't about where you spend it. But somehow cities become like people. You can't help but develop relationships with them. I feel similarly about San Fran, Minneapolis, Chicago, or New York. Going to those cities is not just about what you do there. It's about being there. When I think of D.C., I feel something. And that something keeps pulling me back.



SongBird said...

I so know what you mean. There are places that seem to pull you toward returning to them. The charisma of the location for lack of a better phrase.

9:55 PM