Addictions, gossip, and fat camp: A ponderance of the meaning of life

Over the weekend BF and I somehow started talking about addiction, addictive personalities, and kids. I'm not sure how, but most likely the leap was made in reference to one of my many addictive habits. I could have been talking about practically anything - I'm addicted to lots of stuff. Just not substances.

Tonight I'm addicted to Alias. I love that show. It's getting less and less quality as I fly through season after season, but that seems to be par for the course with any television series.

When I was stuck in the airport with my EC kids, we spent at least an hour flipping through People and OK (this was before I slapped the no-speaking edict on them). Some of my kids thought that Jennifer Garner is ugly! I should have demanded silence after that comment. They also thought that Tom Cruise has gotten fat, but hey, that's true.

Isn't he supposed to be getting married? It's too bad he'll be fat for his wedding day - he should have gone to bridal boot camp. Except for grooms. Is there such a thing? It's interesting to me that wedding days inspire lifestyle changes never made before, all to appear flawless in the poofy white dress. You'd think this frenzy would come in the early dating stages, when he'll first see you naked. I'd rather be primed for the unveiling of the naked than for the unveiling of the veil. But that's just me. Naked has always made me more nervous than beaded silk and taffeta.



Crys :D said...

they got married on Saturday. it's all over the papers (blech), including a picture of kh looking out a window, assessing the jump down.

and Borat can be annoying, yes, but he's very good at opening our eyes as to how much bigotry is still a part of today's society. and he's freakin hilarious.

9:42 AM
Bob said...

Hey Elle-- I finally have a new posting! Actually, I got three 8 x 10's done today too, but the sun was too low for photos. Gee, I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted anything! Soon I'll only be painting indoors (not something I really like doing, but hey, I'm in Michigan and I'm NOT freezing my butt off like some people do and paint in the snow!

3:39 PM