Stick a fork in me. Almost.

How I know I'm all grown up:
1. My students called me "mom" on our trip to California. (Probably because I'm nurturing and bossy in equal parts.)
2. I've taken on my Grandma's burden of keeping the family together. Along with the burdens of remembering who's out of town and for how long, finding out who's sick and checking up on them, and bridging communication gaps.
3. I'm in charge a lot. That's weird.

How I know I've still got a little ways to go:
1. I paint my toenails at work and stick my feet by the space heater to dry.
2. I oversleep.
3. I'm quite irrational.
4. My ex drunk dialed my work voicemail at 2am. I'm pretty sure if you're on the receiving end of a drunk dial you've not quite reached full maturation.



Trish said...

LOL that list could have been written by me and I'm 40.

When my oldest boy was first born I kept feeling like I was babysitting him and hoping that the real parents would come back so I could get paid and go home.

Growing up is weird. Not what I thought it would be at all.

7:29 AM