Chapter 1

BF had emergency knee surgery on Tuesday. I woke up at 5am and spent the morning and afternoon at MGH in the surgical waiting room. Then I spent the evening on the recovery unit, caring for my suffering other half. BF was really sick from the anesthesia and the morphine, and was pale as a ghost. Poor thing. Lucky for him I've got a pretty good bedside manner.

I've taken the week off of work to care for BF post-surgery. Despite the fact that Halloween has passed, my friends and coworkers have suggested I take this opportunity to play out my dirty Halloween fantasies รก la Naughty Nurse. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say BF's not really in a good place to appreciate that. Right now he appreciates Percocet. Fin.

My three days of duty have been interesting. Here's what I've learned so far:

March of the Penguins is THE MOST BORING MOVIE I've ever seen. We watched it this morning. I feel like a bad person for saying that, because it's all about penguins, partnership, and baby penguins. But my god. I actually fell asleep at one point. Bor-ing.

That's all I have right now. Kill Bill Vol 2 is on in the background and someone just nailed Uma into a coffin. My worst nightmare. I need to go to another room now and put on earmuffs while I read my nutrition book. Quentin is too hardcore for my delicate sensibilities.

I always thought BF secretly liked the chick flicks and Disney movies I make him sit through. That's another thing I've learned. When he's left to his own devices, the Netflix queue starts to take a very different turn.



Bob said...

First of all..glad to hear you didn't get the flu.. secondly..glad to see you are quite the humanitarian and so comforting in your BF's time of need...and MOST Of all..thanks for the tip about the penguin movie..I'd heard it was really good and was considering renting it! Oh, and Elle, if you visit my site (sorry, no paintings lately) you'll see a link (Carrie's blog)to my niece's site and there is a really neat (but dangerous looking bug on it)..she found it outside her house..and I have NO idea why I thought you'd like to see it!..but there you are...another item to take up your precious time. If you want to really put your BF to sleep, I really like the sentimental and sappy movie called "Our vines have tender grapes" with Edward G. Robinson, Agnes Moorehead (Endora on the TV show Bewitched) and a little girl named Margaret O'Brien. It's not a gangster movie like he's famous for. It's one of my favorites, because it's a movie about a man and his relationship with his daughter. Very few people like it as much as I do.

9:50 AM
Anonymous said...

Yes, it's stressful, but you set yourself up for this. If you're years into a relationship and only now figuring out what it's like to be The Person, maybe there are larger issues at stake here.

2:24 PM
SongBird said...

Here's to BF's fast recovery!! And to your continued pleasant bedside Naughty Nurse, you!

8:56 PM