Let's get it started

I bought my wedding dress this weekend! It's beautiful. It was a little surreal when I tried on my first wedding dress ever. I always believed it was bad luck, so I never stepped into a wedding gown before I got engaged. The woman clipped me, handed me a pair of satin sandals, and ushered me onto the podium. She pinned a viel and a headpiece in place and stood back. And there I was... a bride.

"Wow." Me, unable to take my eyes off of my reflection.

"Do you like it?" Owner of the shop.

"No, I don't really. But holy sh*t. I'm getting married." Long pause as it sunk in. "Not in this particular dress. But I'm getting married."

Eventually we stumbled across the perfect dress. I wasn't expecting to find it so soon. Or to be so sure. But it was clear the moment I stepped into it: this is the one. So I bought it.

Holy sh*t.

Things are starting to get very interesting around here.