I don't want to burn in paradise

It's so cold here. Below zero cold, with the wind chill factor. It hurts my body to be outside.

This evening I went swimming after work, and wanted to stay in the pool forever. Instinct makes you not want to get wet (at least not for sport) during arctic weather, but the pool is always warmest when the temperatues outside are coldest. It's like a haven, if you can just convince yourself to strip down to your speedo and jump in. Once you're in, it's hard to get back out.

But eventually the chlorine starts to prickle your skin and your hands and feet turn pruney. You've outstayed your welcome, and it's time to move on. Too much of a good thing. The classic catch.



Crys :D said...

the other day it was -42C up here in Ottawa, with windchill. I checked an online converter--that's -43.6F.

Congrats on finding your dress. :D

12:04 PM