Spin it

I'm trying to have a positive outlook right now. I have to admit, it's a challenge. I miss vacation and my family, and being back to work sucks. It's busy and hectic and every day is like running a marathon - I just want to drop into bed when it's over; I feel devoid of all energy after the fast pace and the constant interactions with people.

But I've determined that since - for right now - the job isn't changing, I need to change the way I experience my job. I need to have a good attitude and remember that it's only work. It'll likely get better once I'm adjusted to it - I hate change and new things and the learning curve that stems from that newness. There's a possibility working from home eventually will nix my crap commute. The situation isn't static. It could improve. Until it does, I'm going to make the most of it ('even if it kills me' seems to follow naturally here, but for the sake of positivity I'll leave it out of the sentence).



Anonymous said...

Welcome back! The week after vacay always blows. :( And doubly so when you're still trying to dig out of the learning curve that is a new job. Thinking of you!

12:07 PM
Melissa said...

Awww...vacation always ruins reality....or is it that reality always ruins a good vacation. :o)
Hopefully your attitude spins around quickly.

10:46 PM
Bina said...

I used to love my job. Even when it took me 45 minutes to get there and then get home. Now it only takes 12 minutes, and as the years have gone by (15) I find I like it less and less. Actually, I think I know it so well that it's become boring and mundane. I wish I could change my attitude, I just don't know how!

10:10 AM
shopgirl said...

I hear you on so many levels. I am desperately trying to find a new job (been off for the past 8 months) and while I really really want to get back to work - I'm totally scared to go back to be the "new kid" and have to start all over. It will get better - it always does. And it does sound like you have something to look forward to (the work from home thing). Until then, but a few books on tape/cd. It should take a little sting out of your long commute!

11:22 AM
Swishy said...

Ughh, I hate change so much, I totally understand. Hang in there, nothing ever lasts too long :)

1:46 AM