In the air

Yesterday I went and got my hair done and then volunteered at my in-law's church cooking for and hosting several homeless families in the area. It was a full but fun day. One of my many goals for this year was to get more involved and help out in the community. I'm off to a slow start but getting better. It's so hard to donate time when you don't seem to have much to spare, but I guess that's what makes it all the more an issue of generosity rather than convenience. Several volunteers brought their families, which I think is a wonderful way to model for children the value of trying to make an impact in your community.

Things finally seem to be slowing down some with Hubs' work load, and that's a very welcome change. He was actually home all weekend! And we were even able to go swimming together in the evening one day the middle of last week. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes in the general pace of our life when he's not heading out the door at 6am on a Saturday or - worse - not coming home at all on a Friday night. Things are calmer, which makes me feel like the chaos we've been experiencing was in large part due to circumstance (me starting a new job, summer plans and travel, Hubs' hellish summer work schedule) and doesn't represent how thing will always be. That's a relief.

I've started the third Twilight book. I heard 3 is much better than 1 and 2, and 4 is the best of all, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the series. I'm big on the vampire stuff. It's fun :)

My colleague gave me some Irises so I need to work on planting them today. The weather here is completely fall-like - it's not even going to hit 70 today. It's chilly. I guess in a lot of ways I'm ready for fall. Don't get me wrong, as a Minnesota gal I REALLY enjoy summer. But sometimes change is a good thing, and I think I'm ready for a little.



Grad3 said...

Cheers to change :)

1:29 PM
Laura said...

I am looking forward to fall! It's my favorite time of year! I am glad things are slowing down for you guys and you get to spend more time with your hubs :)

8:07 AM
Bina said...

It's so nice after all the hectic stuff, to actually spend time with your spouse. It makes it seem much more special.

I read the whole Twilight Series, and honestly? I was so dissapointed in the last one!

10:38 AM
Cat said...

I'm ready for a little bit of it myself, I hope yours is off to a great start!

1:16 PM
Bob said...

I've been encouraged by a certain future stepdaughter to read the Twilight books...and I probably will because I was also cajoled into reading the Harry Potter books by my daughter, which are great movies (so why read the books?) So, June 13, I started the Harry Potter books and I am 1/3 the way through the last one now. I am amazed how fast I've read them considering I don't get a large block of time for reading. But once started, I found I really didn't want to put them down. There is so much more to the books than in the movies. So, even though I don't feel a desire to read the Twilight books or see the movies, I probably will.

7:25 AM
Elise said...

Oh WOW, this is a great post & you have the most gorgeous site here. I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Your posts are creative and original and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....

2:35 PM
Mom2Be said...

Elle - we miss your blogging! Come back!

7:57 PM