This morning we had a four hour staff meeting. It was supposed to be three hours, but went over. Starbucks doesn't make a to-go cup big enough to handle that type of situation. Venti can't sustain past two and a half hours. That's the conclusion drawn from my spontaneous research study. Subject participation was not consensual, it should be noted.



Kel said...


"Starbucks doesn't make a to-go cup big enough to handle that type of situation"

2:21 PM
Trish said...

4 hours? I'd be wondering about my bladder capacity. I sure hope you got a potty break.

6:55 PM
Deanna said...

One of my favorite bosses promised us when he became our manager that our monthly staff meetings would never ever be over one hour. He kept his promise. A four hour meeting is cruel and unusual punishment!

8:27 PM
SongBird said...

I totally agree with trish. I would NEED a potty break.

9:49 PM
Boo7 said...

4 hour meeting = cruel and unusual!!! Unless of course there might be a meal involved as well. I have a co-worker (skinny, really in good shape -- damn him lol) whose first question, whenever we get notification of a workshop or conference or whatever, is..... will there be food?? hehehe

12:51 PM
willowtree said...

A four hour meeting is three hours of wasted time. Can the manager.

11:55 PM
Swampwitch said...

If you arrived to work at 8:00, wouldn't it be time for lunch after a 4-hour meeting. Sounds like someone likes to hear her/himself talk...maybe needs an in-service on time-management or delegating.

6:20 PM