Circus? Check

The circus is so freakishly fun! It was way more fun than I ever imagined it would be!

As you can probably guess, I never went to see the circus as a kid. I'm not sure if the circus is a decidedly American phenomenon, but I put it on the list of those American things I didn't get to experience as a kid with a foreign mom. Others? Mainly these come up in conversations when people are reminiscing about something from childhood, and they look to me for my nostalgic input on the subject. I shrug and offer "My mom's German." Sage nods around the table. "Oh, German."

The circus isn't something I thought about daily, but every once in a while I'd remember it. When I found out the circus was coming to Boston, I immediately suggested to BF that we go. Relatively soon after that I got distracted and forgot to keep hinting. Luckily, he didn't forget, and planned a Saturday night surprise for me. Complete with snow cones and a souvenir purple elephant cup.

The circus is crazy! Some of those performers literally execute death-defying stunts. I'd always linked the term death-defying with the circus and now the association makes perfect sense. It was amazing! Nauseating, terrifying, and amazing.

There were elephants, goats, TIGERS, zebras, and camels. Naturally the animals made me a little sad (they can't actually like being in the circus???), but I have to admit it was spectacular to see so many exotic animals inside a transformed basketball stadium. The overall effect of the circus was just that: spectacular. The lights, the animals, the performers, the costumes, the constant whirlwind activity. The weird talents. It's the place where freaks go to shine. That must be why they're called circus stars.

It was magical. I wish I could go again tonight. I think it gave me ADD, but it was quite possibly the greatest show on earth. True to its claim. Good job, Ringling Brothers.




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4:02 PM
Crys :D said...

I remember going to the circus when i was little, but only once. My memories:

- standing in line in the men's bathroom with my dad because the line in the women's bathroom was too long
- getting a little flashlight with light up foam stars on it
- a ballerina walking on a tight rope.

9:31 AM
Bob said...

I remember going in elementary school, but I don't remember the actual circus. Then when I took my daughter, it was MAGIC! She was only 4 or 5, I hope she remembers it, but mostly, I hope she finds time to take her own children someday (after she's married and has some children of course). And oddly, I just thought there was ONE Ringling Bros. troupe, but NOW my illusions are being tested by Elle's testimony, because just last week, I saw the Ringling Bros. train cars all parked on the south side of Grand Rapids! ARE THERE TWO!??..and which one is best? Are there more than two? aacckkk!!!

8:10 PM