Sloppy "seconds"

So, I have my halloween costume! I'm candy corn!!!

Well, not exactly.

I'm candy corn but my colors are in the wrong order. I don't know how that happened, because I looked at candy corn A MILLION TIMES before buying the pieces of my costume. But somehow, I got completely turned around. So when I came home from Target last night I headed straight for the bag of candy corn on our kitchen counter (yes, the bag I'd looked at and memorized before I'd left for Target). Much to my disappointment, orange is in the middle. Well, not in my world it's not. Brachs be damned. It's on the bottom in my world, because I bought the cutest pair of orange sweats, and I'm wearing 'em for halloween.

JPow told me I should put a sign on myself reading "seconds." She said "seconds" is a product that's defective, and thus sold at a reduced price.

Whatever. If J had let me be the trampy devil these color coordinations would be irrelevant. The trampy devil is all red.



Bob said...

yeah..... too bad the little "trampy devil" outfit didn't work out!... darn! but..the upside is, candy corn is soooo sweet! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

11:34 PM