Crime, time, and punishment

Ever get the feeling that you've done something wrong, only you don't know what? The 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' feeling. That's how I feel. Only as far as I know I haven't done anything wrong. It started last night and hasn't stopped. Relentless nausea. Exhaustion. Everything hurts without actually hurting. Today I cried at work for no reason. My boss said, "How are you?" and I starting crying. She asked me what was wrong and I told her I don't know. Which is the truth. I don't know, but I know it's not good.

I worry that it's delayed punishment. Maybe I haven't done anything wrong lately, but the universe can hold a nasty grudge. It waits until you're relaxed and comfortable, and then revisits your sins upon you. It's like holding a rock poised over an ant when you have no intention of letting it live. It's cruel really. I know there's something wrong. I can feel it. It's a poised rock, and I'm standing in its shadow.

Either that or I have the flu. Another distinct possibility given my symptoms.



Boo7 said...

WOW so not a nice feeling to have!! Hope it gets resolved one way or the other soon....that ominous feeling is the pits!!!

6:56 AM
Trish said...

Oh dear...I've got a sinking feeling about this. I felt this way 3 times in my life. Once 17 years ago, 15 years ago and nine years ago.

just saying :-/

Keep us posted

Then again it could just be the flu.

7:58 AM
Bob said...

okay...after the first few lines my first thought was "She's getting the flu or at least fighting it off"... but then I saw that was your assessment too..hope you don't get the full-blown sickness though...then again..maybe you are suffering a mild concussion from your "swimming" episode!!!--bob

8:22 PM
SongBird said...

Crushed by a rock vs. the flu.....neither choice sounds too pleasant. Hope you feel better soon!

12:03 AM
Crys :D said...

You should go skydiving. It works wonders for the blues.

11:44 PM
Bob said...

aaawwww....poor Elle... last posting was 5 days ago... Is she sick now??? I miss her!

11:38 PM
Tiggerlane said...

Hope you are okay!! You've been missing for a while...

Could you be preggers? Hormonal changes could do this to you...

12:00 PM