The cure

Fiancé and I have covered our wedding basics. We know when (if all goes according to plan February 2nd 2008), where-ish (Boston, the Vineyard, or Minneapolis), and what kind (Catholic church wedding, fun and trendy reception). We've tossed around ideas for color schemes, I've chosen a head piece style. We've flipped through pictures of tuxedos and wedding gowns.

After spending the weekend with Fiancé, I'm much calmer. I think I panicked because I didn't see him from the time we got off the ferry boat Sunday evening until the following Saturday morning. But now I remember what it's all about.

Yesterday we went to brunch at S&S, and then Fiancé had hours of paperwork and I spent the late evening tucked into his gigantic new bed watching Lost on dvd. I had a remote control, a bowl of M&Ms, a glass of milk, and a soothed soul.

I'm ready.