Everything's better on the Vineyard

This weekend was a perfect weekend. BF took me on a mini-break to Martha's Vineyard for our anniversary. He planned the whole trip himself, and did a terrific job - I'm very impressed.

We stayed at a fabulous B&B - the Hob Knob Inn. The room was big and country-ish with wide wood blinds and a four post bed. Nothing was too cute, but just cute enough. The bathroom had Aveda products, and the tea room had a fireplace. They even had a dog there, a lab named Hallie, so I got some pet therapy. And the breakfasts and teas were amazing - BF and I eventually started joking that food must just taste better on the Vineyard.

We had a laid back trip - the Vineyard was deserted but beautiful in its desolation. The only people we ran into were a few other guests at the Inn and several townies at the local pub. We listened to blue grass, went to the tiny single screen movie theater (Pan's Labyrinth, thumbs up), played checkers, and worked out in the Inn's small private gym. It was great to be together. Several times throughout the weekend I thought, "This is perfect. It couldn't be more perfect."

And then the happiest thing happened, which is sticky news for my blog. It turns out it could be more perfect. Boyfriend brought me to the beach, dropped to one knee, and proposed! But... now he needs a new name.

I think I will call him Fiancé.



Deanna said...


8:06 PM
Bob said...

aawwwww.... that's cool! Congratulations to "the artist formerly known as BF"! and Best Wishes to you Elle ! ! !

11:38 PM
Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

It's happened! Everytime I pop over for a visit to your blog and hear you talk about BF I always wonder...hmmm. He sounds like a nice guy. She sounds like a nice girl. I wonder if we will hear about a proposition some time.

Congratulations for both of you!

12:08 PM
Crys :D said...

The only person who could be so clever as to write out your proposal like that is YOU. Congrats to you both. How fun and amazing!

3:18 PM
That Chick Over There said...

This is my very first time ever to your blog and wow! What a first post to read! Congrats!

12:06 PM
ElleCharlie said...

Thanks for the congrats everyone! Bob, you made me smile with the best wishes - have you been reading the Emily Post etiquette book? Nicely done :)

5:55 PM