Don't feed it after midnight

C called today as I was sinking onto the kitchen floor in tears, having just visited several wedding websites. I was warned not to look at those sites, like and, until we're ready to start planning our wedding. We agreed to put wedding planning on the back burner this week. But temporarily shelving those detail-oriented discussions is proving to be a nearly impossible task, given that everyone wants to talk about it. I want to dwell on our romantic engagement, but people understandably want to know when, where, and then what. Fair questions, but I think normal women morph into bridezillas from exactly that kind of pressure.



4b said...

Hi Elle -- I've been lurking on your blog for several months now and am finally commenting. Congrats on your engagement -- how very exciting and wonderful. Can I recommend the life-saving book we used when we planned our wedding eleven (yikes!) years ago?

It is: "How to have the wedding you want (not the one everyone else wants you to have)" by Danielle Claro. It's an enjoyable read even if you're not planning a wedding, and is full of wonderful tips, stories and ideas if you are.

Love your blog, and hope things go well for you and fiance!

-- Cheryl

(ps - you are welcome to visit our own blog at if you're curious about people like me who randomly comment on others' blogs.)

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