I've been thinking of switching to Wordpress, but I can't get my blog content to transfer from Blogger. Has anyone ever had this problem in trying to switch?



Bina said...

I've never tried, but I THINK some of my blog friend have. Look on the right of my blog and try Ms Britt or Dana (Amid Lifes Crises). I think one of them have done it and knowing both of them, they would be more than happy to help you.

5:26 PM
uncomplicateme said...

Which content won't transfer? Your posts/comments or your layout type stuff? WP isn't as feature-rich or customizable as blogger unless you pay for the upgrade (which I didn't do, so I don't have much help on that). If it's posts and comments, mine came over pretty easily and I imported them from the WP side, rather than exporting from blogger first. Hope you figure it out! :)

5:34 PM
Kate said...

I'm clueless.

Good luck.

7:32 AM
Trish said...

*Ack* I don't know nuthin' about transferring stuff.

Why are you moving though?

8:32 AM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Importing from WP worked better than trying to do anything through blogger--you just have to give WP permission. GL!

11:32 AM
Badass Geek said...

Blogger is so much easier to work with than WP. If you're looking for buttons or pages and stuff to give your blog more of a WP-look, let me know. I do some design work that might give you what you're looking for.

2:34 PM
Scotty said...

You CAN do it. Its actually very easy. If I remember right, after you sign u for a wordpress blog it has a tutorial.

11:10 PM
Jess said...

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I'm excited to watch you go throw your journey too and I hope you get the prize at the end! :)

2:21 AM
Zoe said...

there are several guidelines to transfer your content (posts) from blogger to wordpress ... here's one

as for the layout 1) you have to pay a yearly fee to have the possibility of using a custom template 2) you'll have to get a WP designer to remake your template for WP or someone that is good with that kind of thing

WP is a good blogging platform but the only main difference I've seen with blogger is the password protected pages (if you do not want to show some posts to everyone but only members for example) and although not many people use this feature is you can have several designs for example you can have a different look for your about me page... Those are the 2 major differences that I know of. So think about these before you decide to pay to blog on WP

4:14 PM
Zoe said...

oh and like Badass Geek said it is completely possible to have extra pages on blogger (about me page, contact page........) I can even modify your template to give you a horizontal navigation bar if you want. Email me if you'd like mods to your current template usually I can do these right away depending on what you want

4:18 PM