A conclusion at the conclusion

  • Changes (good ones) are afoot in the McHousehold - more on that soon.
  • An update on the disappointing Clomid cycle for those of you following the IF part of this blog: I took 50mgs of Clomid for five days, produced a prominent follicle on my right ovary, but then it didn't develop as quickly as they wanted it to. I never ovulated. The next course of action is BCP for one month to get rid of small cysts mostly on the right ovary, and then to try the Clomid again (at the same dose, I'm guessing, but I'm not sure). The doc believes the small cysts inhibited the normal growth of the prominent follicle. He said he thought that might happen. Glad we did a trial run anyway - hey, why not? What's $1500 to the McBudget? (Sarcasm, in case you were erroneously beginning to think that perhaps our investment porfolio pulled a u-turn and we're living large.)
  • I've abandoned my plans to switch to WP - too much hassle, and I think I wanted to do it mostly just because I'm feeling antsy.
  • We're hosting Mother's Day tomorrow night. I'm tired and want to stay in bed for an unreasonable length of time, but I'll fight through that and cook a ham.
  • As for the weekend, Hubs is working late tonight so I'm going to take Hero for a walk, take a bath, and then watch the Ghost Whisperer. It looks like rain but hasn't rained for more than a 5 minute stretch all day. Hopefully Hero and I will make it back before the sky opens up.
  • My perennials are making a comeback! After the winter we had, I wasn't sure that would happen! Hooray!
  • For some reason the garbage men didn't come get our garbage today - ummmm.... what's up with that?
If you made it this far, I apologize for the lack of excitement. I guess I didn't have much to report. Always a shame when you realize that after the post is written.



Bina said...

It's done NOTHING but rain here for the past week, and more rain tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Bummer.

Sorry about the Clomid. I hope they can get all this resolved soon for you.

My husbands not home tonight either! But I'm watching "Dog Whisperer" instead of the ghost one. I want Ceaser Milan, even if it's just for a friend!

6:28 PM
Fertilized said...

I am sorry about the clomid cycle. How did you hold up emotional with the drug? Sounds like your weathered the storm very well? Or just numb?

I think you should get to stay in bed for a long period of time!

7:49 PM
~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Sorry your Clomid cycle didn't work but at least you have another option now and know that it may help next time!

It rained all day here. I figured it would come your direction. Glad you didn't have a day full of wetness! Dreariness prevailed here today!

10:37 PM
Jess said...

I'm sorry about the clomid and the cyst. I'm going to pray that it all works out for you! Sometimes it takes a few cycles...I'm on cycle 2 of it.

You asked me about clomid, and I said I wasn't emotional or hormonal this time but it hit me tonight. We went out to dinner and I wanted a drink and I left my ID at home. My girlfriend and I were already at the restaurant and I met my husband in the parking lot all bitchy (I was mad he didn't answer his phone because I was going to tell him to bring my ID) and in tears over my license. He drove back home and brought me my license and he asked me if I was okay now? Yup, I switched back in less than 10 minutes...oh the joys of Clomid!

11:15 PM
Jess said...
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11:15 PM
bunny said...

I'm impressed-- a ham?!? for guests?!? Wow! I love to cook, but cooking for an audience makes me really nervous...

So sorry to hear the clomid cycle was a bust- hopefully they'll be able to fine tune their treatment for the next cycle.

Hope you have a happy weekend!

9:30 AM
Kahla said...

So sorry about the clomid cycle. I'm very curious about the good changes, don't keep us waiting long! Have a wonderful weekend!

10:00 AM
just jamie said...

Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

11:56 AM
JJ said...

Sorry about the Clomid cycle--hoping that cyst goes away soon, too!
I love the way your blog is--uber impressed, in fact. Were you going to switch to WP for some of their functions? Ive been tempted too--but really, your space is great!

10:16 PM