We interrupt this regularly scheduled posting...

I've been bad about posting lately - life has just been so busy! I honestly can't believe I was ever employed full time and still had moments to spare, because currently I'm employed part time and feel so overextended! A tipping point is that I'm at the OB's office every other day, or so it seems. Monitored cycles are RIDICULOUS! I'm not sure how anyone manages to fit all these appointments into a normal schedule. Even if I had no job it would be tight.

Other than that... let's see. I got a haircut. I actually really like it - it seems so short but it's still probably within the realm of 'long'. I kinda have bangs, but not 'straight across your forehead' bangs. More 'swept to the side' bangs.

I'd write more but I have to go in for my second OB visit today. That's right: I said two in one day. For reals, yo.


Back home again: first monitored cycle not exactly all we'd hoped it'd be. It's so sad when the doctor seems disappointed in your ovaries :( I feel bad for them both, but the right, in particular, elicited quite a frown. Now I'm going to get into comfy clothes, watch last night's Grey's and Private Practice episodes, and wallow. Regardless of whether I have time for it, it's required at this point.



Kate said...

Wow, hope you aren't having to pay for all those OB visits.
That'd get real expensive.

Glad you like your hair.

3:02 PM
Kelli said...

Once a year at the OB is plenty for me. I hope the visits are not of the invasive variety....no needles or :::gasp::: THE EXAM. Ugh. Congrats on your PT work! Yay to being busy--it keeps the mind occupied and happier. :)

3:22 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

UGH. I'm sorry Elle. I feel your pain. I experienced that with my first monitored cycle with my new RE and it was just horrible to be there and so excited and walk out defeated before we even tried. Hopefully they will be able to tweak things so that there is a better response the next time. ((HUGS))

7:27 PM
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