Accentuate the positive

This past week(end) has been a very stressful one, with our first formal shower and lots of increased anxiety around getting things done and orchestrating roles for the people involved in this baby project.  With Dan and I coming from two very different families, it's a bit of a struggle to manage everyone's expectations and involvement in a way that keeps them, and us, happy and sane.  And my focus is definitely moving more toward the us.  For the sake of this baby, we need to be calm and centered and ensure that our own needs are firmly met.
On the bright side, admist all this stress we had a great ultrasound yesterday and everything looks perfect!  My low-lying placenta has righted itself, so no pre-determined c-section for this mama!  It may still happen, of course, who knows?  But at least it isn't a given.  And the baby looks wonderful - measuring right on target, with a fast/strong heartbeat.  She's a mini acrobat, twisting and turning and kicking and punching with gusto.  It's actually becoming a little uncomfortable - I can tell she's outgrowing her quarters.  Which I also see as a good sign - no need to overstay your lease, little one.  Head on out any time after my birthday in May (that's the date by which we plan to be 'ready to go' at any moment, should she decide to come a little early).
So all in all it's been a bad week, with our OB appointment being a happy bright spot in our yesterday.  I need to manage my stress better and take better care of myself, so that's what I'm vowing to do now.  I just learned of a friend's sister who had her 20 week ultrasound only to learn the baby had no heartbeat, and she's being induced on Friday.  It made me realize that we're lucky, and I should start acting like it.  If, in order to do that, I need to set firm boundaries to prevent outside stressors from taking over, then so be it.  I'll set 'em.  I want to be a happy, healthy mama.



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