Another milestone!

Everyone measures milestones differently. This isn't a baby milestone, but it's definitely a 'get ready for baby' milestone - we have a crib! And I love it! We found a mint condition crib at a consignment sale for 1/3 the price! It's lovely. It pays to wait in line before the sale even opens, like a crazy person, in the rain :) YAY!
Now we just need the rest of the nursery furniture... but one step at a time. We've got a few more quality consignment sales on the books so we're not sure what we'll find. Our area is ripe with stay-at-home moms, and boy do they know how to do up the sales - both planning them and taking advantage of them. Plus we've got three showers. So I need to be patient, but I can't shake the gut feeling that this little girl is going to come early. And I want to be ready.