All stressed up and nowhere to go

Foul mood Monday - I'm a ball of stress. Miss Mini Mac was moving around like crazy this morning and has become noticably still as my level of tension has skyrocketed. Mama's stressed, hunker down and wait out the cortisol influx. I'm so sorry Miss Mini! I hate it when my stress becomes her stress.

Waiting to hear back from first choice for childcare, and doing everything in my power *not* to check my home voicemail every 30 minutes. Please please please please please, I need to have this figured out. Oh, please. Please please please. Do not have filled this spot. Please have liked us enough to take our kid. And please call me soon to tell me you'll take our kid. Please please please.

We have childbirth class tonight. The topic is pain meds during delivery. Fun stuff.

I don't know why sometimes I'm cool as a cucumber and other times I'm out of my mind with anxiety. Today I'm definitely battling the latter. I seriously need to re-center. Right after I call my home voicemail just one last time...

This baby is expected to come in two months to the day. I suddenly feel wildly unprepared.