Getting a grip

Okay, we have daycare in place!  WE HAVE DAYCARE IN PLACE!  Should all plans get shot to hell and Miss Mini Mac decide to arrive tomorrow, I would survive it now that we have daycare in place.
I *seriously* need to relax.  Talk about spinning out of control.  Today was ridiculous.  Someone should have tranquilized me. 
It's as if M3 knows that something has shifted - she's doing a little dance inside my uterus right now :)



Cat said...

Holy shiz, I haven't been here in FOREVER. Dude. Did you know that you're PREGNANT?! I know, I was surprised, too! Congratulations lady!

7:03 PM
Kahla said...

Wow, 2 months!! So glad daycare is in place, that's big!

8:20 PM
shopgirl said...

Yea!!! I'm so happy for you and I hope that you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy sans anxiety!! Man, I have been out of the blog loop - while I did read that you were preggers... I didn't realize how far along you were!! Congrats on both and good luck on the final 2 months until she arrives!!

9:03 PM