Always read the fine print

Or in this case, the regular-sized print.

This morning our secretary was out. I unlocked my office door (chai in hand), flicked on the lights and the computer, and got ready to have a peaceful morning. I had a ton of work to do, but was hoping for a quiet, interruption-free zone in which to do it. And then my boss stuck her head in my office to tell me that our secretary was out sick and to ask me if I'd mind covering the front desk. Actually, what happened was she stuck her head in my office and I, knowing by the look on her face what was about to happen, groaned "nooooooooooooooooooooooooo" before she could even ask, but the result was the same: me, disgruntled, at the front desk.

Turns out I was only needed for an hour, so I tried to put on my friendly customer service face.

After I'd been at the desk a while, a student ran into the Center and asked me if I had a pen he could borrow "just for a second, just to sign something." We have a million pens, so I handed him one. He ran out.

And he never came back. Which is fine, and doesn't matter, except that it's just weird. I mean, why not ask if he could have the pen? I wouldn't have cared. I'm very generous with writing utensils, having borrowed many myself. Why say you'll bring it back "in one sec" and then... not?

Whatev. The pen was from a drug rep and had the name of a vaginal suppository on it. So there, sticky fingers.