Visual thought projector on the fritz

Last night one of our friends, L, was talking about how another friend was spending the weekend attending a home and garden show. L didn't understand why.

"I mean, she doesn't even have a home or a garden! What's the point?"

Our other friend LA interjected, "I think she got the tickets for free."

L frowned. "Just because she got free tickets doesn't mean she has to go. I mean, if I got free tickets to a wrestling tournament it doesn't mean I'd go to it." After a little more thought, "Well, actually, I might go if it was wrestling. I'd definitely choose wrestling over home and garden."

Not entirely convinced she had effectively communicated her position on the matter, L continued. "Like, if I were standing in front of two doors, and one was marked 'wrestling' and the other was marked 'home and garden' I would totally go to the door on the left."

We sat for a moment in silence, brows furrowed, each of us wondering if the Irish whiskey we'd consumed in various St. Patrick's Day themed drinks had gone to our heads. Finally her husband voiced what the rest of us were thinking. "And the door on the left is....?"

"Wresting," L said.