If you were looking at this from where I'm sitting...

Tonight we have some friends coming over for our annual St. Patrick's Day corned beef dinner (all Husband). So today we've been doing housekeeping and cooking in between running errands and spending some time at the gym.

As I'm sitting at the dining room table eating my lunch Mookie calls so I chat with him for a while. He is calling, first and foremost, to 'thank' me for teaching his dog the really funny trick of stealing the mail and running circles around the living room furniture, because as he's on the phone with me he's also in hot pursuit of Sadie, trying to reclaim a first class letter. I tell him I'm glad to have contributed during her formative puppy years, and impressed to learn that all this time later she's still playing our game.

Secondly, he's calling about taxes. He's wondering if we've done ours yet, and if we've used the form he sent me. I tell him we haven't yet gotten around to that, and we're not sure if we will be hiring someone to do that for us or doing it ourselves since this year our taxes are proving to be a bit complicated. Mookie suggests, for what it's worth, that we try to do our taxes ourselves. He feels we would gain better insight into the world of taxes if we sat down one weekend afternoon with the forms and our calculator. Then he says,

"Now, I realize you guys are incredibly busy and have so much going on in your lives that you might not be able to find an afternoon to do this..."

As he is talking, I look over to see Husband sweeping the living room floor. In an attempt to get all of the furniture out of the way, he's dismantled the papazan chair and is currently wearing the stem of the chair around his neck. He has very wisely arranged the papazan stem so that his arms align with the holes and thus he still has the use of them. He totters around the living room, occasionally waving his arms around like a giant, off-kilter jack-in-the-box puppet.

"Yes," I answer Mookie with the utmost seriousness. "We are very busy and important people."