Ladies and gentlemen!

Right now I'm watching a circus outside our kitchen window - the neighbor kids are running around with bandanas on their heads chasing their own and our dog. Hero's having the time of his life, as usual. I wish we had a video camera.



Kelli said...

Sounds like a good time is being had by all! I'm glad spring has brought some new beginnings and happiness into your days. :)

10:26 PM
Kat said...

Don't you just love spring!

4:32 AM
DeeMarie said...

Sounds like a blast!! Great exercise for Hero and fun for the kids!!

6:33 AM
Laura said...

That sounds awesome... I wish my dog would run around with other dogs in the neighborhood... she is kinda a snob though. She loves cats though. Oh well.

8:10 AM
Bobbie Leigh said...

Hi I came over from Sauciewee's page. You're blog is so fun! I have a behaviorally challenged dog myself. Watching the kids run around outside really is like a circus.

9:13 AM
Bina said...

Aw, that sounds great! I wish you had a video camera, too. I would love to see Hero having fun.

1:46 PM
Crys :D said...

i say that all the time too! until i realized my little camera has a video function. explore!!! :)

11:19 AM