My doppelganger's doppelganger

The evil me has an even eviler twin. This is sad news for everyone else. I first discovered the eviler twin this morning when I went to distribute table tents in the campus dining hall and the staff wouldn't let me. I'd gotten prior approval from as high up that chain as you can go (because I don't mess around), but the staff standing in between me and the tables still wouldn't budge.

Every year I co-chair this 7-day long event, and every year I end up the worse for wear by the end of it. I'm not even an event planner by training, so maybe that's why it's so taxing for me. But I think even event planners cringe at the start of a 7-day long event. That's a week of troubleshooting, essentially. And no one likes to be waiting for the shoe to drop (and as any event planner will tell you, inevitably it drops at some point) for a week.

So my eviler twin rears its ugly head. I've tried to do everything I can to keep it caged but it's only Tuesday and it's already unleashed. This lays to rest the commonly held belief around the workplace that I'm 'sweet'. Although, oddly enough, even when I confess to or apologize for being a total bitch people just laugh and tell me I could never be bitchy. Is that a blessing or a curse? It's like no one can see my eviler twin because they can't get past the shiny fa├žade I maintain 99% of the time. Except for the dining hall staff. I'm pretty sure they caught a glimpse. It's the opposite of Shallow Hal - everyone sees me as Gwyneth Paltrow except for the dining hall staff. I'm pretty sure they've seen me in the fat suit, and it wasn't pretty.