Looking for my lost shaker of salt

In mid-January I did a training for a group of students. Over the course of this two-day training, I bought them breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. After the training was over I submitted those costs for reimbursement. Today I got the reimbursement check, for $30 less than I'd requested. So I called AP, asking where the rest of my money had got off to.

"We only reimbursed you the $49 because we don't reimburse for alcohol."


"We can't reimburse you for alcohol purchases."

"I didn't purchase any alcohol."

"It says on this receipt that you purchased two large margheritas."

"They're referring to pizzas."

Now, what gets me here is the assumption that I purchased alcohol during a training on alcohol abuse. Hmmmm. Do other people really do against-policy stuff on the job? Because why would anyone assume I did that, rather than consider the possibility that it would be really strange if I had provided alcohol to my underage students, and perhaps there is another explanation?



Bob said...

..yep.....bureaucrats!!!...sometimes you wonder if they can look through keyholes with BOTH eyes...so narrow-minded!--bob

9:15 PM
SongBird said...

Can't you get a menu from the pizza place to prove your purchase? Or maybe a note from the pizza shop manager? A notarized note?!! This is so ridiculous, but I've been in similar circumstances myself.

9:54 PM
That Chick Over There said...

That is ridiculous, but it really made me laugh!

12:07 PM