Zicam, I bow to you

People have been telling me about Zicam for ages. Mookie is a huge proponent, as is BF. But I'd enthusiastically hopped on the echinacea bandwagon before scientific evidence of its inefficacy emerged, and it still stings. Fool me once.

I started to feel sick on Friday. Since I've only just regained my strength after that god awful stomach bug, I was furious. Totally unfair. This past year has been a rough one for me - I've been knocked off my feet a few times.

So when BF suggested on Friday night that I start using Zicam, I agreed. I was desperate. But I didn't really think it would work.

And today I woke up cured!!! Okay, not really. But I woke up 80% better. It's crazy. The Zicam worked! It claims to shorten the length and severity of a cold, and it definitely did.

I'm a believer.