You've got to B kidding

Last week I dropped off a dress and some skinny jeans at J's tailor in Brookline. She swears by him, so he seemed like a safe bet as I don't yet have a tailor in Boston. To get to him from work I have to take the green line B train. Now, I've heard talk of this train before. Invariably when students are late to their appointments with me they'll blame the infamous B line for holding them up. For about three years I thought this was just crap, but it turns out those might have been some very valid excuses. When I dropped my clothes off at the tailor I figured maybe it was just a fluke. But yesterday I went to pick them up and discovered that in fact the B line is so ridiculously slow that I could beat it on foot. If it weren't so damn cold out I totally would. It crawls. It's above ground for most of the route so it actually stops at traffic lights. What kind of train stops for a red light? The B line train, that's what kind.



Bob said...

hmm seems Elle has a new "pet". I'd guess it's either a Shar Pei rabbit (do they exist?) or someone's exquisitely folded bath towel. Either way, the sunglasses are strictly "over the ZZ TOP!" :)

11:32 PM