The skinny

So I'll fess up - I've gone over to the dark side. I not only have grown to like, but have grown to LOVE, skinny jeans. I don't have any, so this is purely from a bystander's perspective. But they look so good tucked into boots! The two things holding me back? One, I think the only skinny jeans worth buying are probably the ridiculously expensive ones and I am a bit strapped this month, financially. And two, the only ones I've found that fit my waist size (a challenge if ever there was one) have a 35" inseam. Wha? I'm fairly leggy but give me a break. BF is 6'1" with long legs and even his inseam is shorter than that. I mean, the whole idea is that they don't bunch when you tuck them into your boots. But with a good 3-4" extra at the ankle I predict some serious bunching. Why? Who are the bizarre alien women for whom these jeans are constructed?

Still, come February I'll be on the hunt.

I know, I know. I'm a total turncoat.



Bob said...

okay...obivious question #1... how tall are you?

9:56 PM