Out of time, kitten

What's this? Something from the RMV!? A coupon, or a birthday acknowledgment? I'll give you a hint: the RMV didn't send me a gift, or even a card, for my upcoming birthday on Saturday. Instead, they sent me a notice. Turns out my driver's license, new since my name change in January 2008, is EXPIRED?!?!? Less than 5 months later?

What a crock, Massachusetts. What a money grubbing birthday crock.

You'll be getting my middle finger in the rear view on our way out of town.



Happy Not-So-Newlywed said...

Hey- thanks for commenting on my blog! Yes, I'm happy my mom will be there for my lap.

Happy birthday!

9:12 PM
Bob said...

Happy Birthday to you Elle!...stupid bureaucrats!

10:36 PM