There's no place like...


A corner of our backyard, complete with jungle gym.

I can't show you any pictures of the inside, because the listing went off line because THE HOUSE IS SOLD! To us! So it's a good thing, really :)

I can't believe how fast everything is happening. Husband received his job offer on April 30th. It hasn't even been a month! But it's all great stuff. We're very happy.

For the first time in my life I need to learn to garden (as you can see, the front lawn and the flower beds around the house could use a bit of TLC) - I foresee Minneapolis as being a land of hobbies for yours truly. We have to fill the place with furniture, so shopping for that will be a huge project. And decorating should allow my creative side to shine through in a way it's been too lazy to when I've rented. I'm so excited to be moving someplace we'll be settling. I've begun looking into German classes (my German defines 'rusty') and checking out the local library system and gym options. I can finally put down roots!