Zapped that

We went to see friends A and J last Friday night and J suggested I check out Zappos in my search for Converse (which I can never find in the size or color I want). A and J have a cute as can be 4 year old and the happiest, most smiley one year old you could ever imagine - baby Z. Baby Z is adorable, chubby in all the good baby ways you'd want to be chubby, and the mentally healthiest creature I've ever laid eyes on. If I could bottle his disposition I'd make a fortune.

Anyway... back to the sneakers. Zappos offers free shipping and returns, and while they didn't have the exact color of Converse I want most in the world (brick red), they did have my second choice (chocolate)! So I ordered them yesterday. And... THEY ARRIVED ALREADY!!! √úberspeed not necessary but certainly appreciated!