Cosmetic bright side of an allergic reaction

This weekend we're flying to Minneapolis to house hunt. Fun! We used to get our tickets. We leave Saturday morning at 7am, and then fly back Tuesday morning at (ICK) 6am.

Sadly, I have to go back to my doctor this afternoon. Turns out my suggested solution to my anxiety problem made me so nauseous I could barely move last night, and this morning I woke up glassy-eyed with swollen cheeks and lips. NOT HAPPY. Or calm. NOT CALM.

But on the plus side, I look like I've had collagen treatments :)



Anonymous said...

Ohh Mineapolis! I love Minneapolis - lived there for five years. I hope you like it there as much as I did.

12:25 PM
Bob said...

I have a former college roomie that calls Mpls home. If you need info, just ask, I'll get it for you. He works for a classical music radio station, and refurbishes Victorian homes. His wife and he sing in a professional chorale. It's where he grew up, so he knows the area well. Really L, what about the city would you want to know?

4:34 PM