Heaven scent

I came in this morning to an office that smelled like heaven - my colleague E put some white lilacs on my desk and shut my door, so the whole room was floral scented by the time I rolled out of bed and made it down the street to work.

My mom's favorite flowers are lilacs, so of course they're mine too. When I was little we used to hop the fence into our neighbor's backyard and clip lilacs from his lilac bushes to surprise her. He gave us permission, but it still always felt like we were being sneaky.

Yesterday for our retreat we spent the entire day on Spectacle and George's Islands. The islands are about 5 miles from the city, but you feel like you're worlds away. We saw unique birds and bugs, had a picnic lunch, rode the ferry, and lay on benches in the sun. I came home tired but calm, pink-cheeked from all the fresh air.