Say what you need to say

For the past few weeks I've been meeting with E. Mostly because I expected this transition to be a bit more traumatic and I figured I'd need the support. Whether I actually have ended up needing it or not is kind of irrelevant at this point. I have it, and my therapy sessions have proven to remind me of the power of words and a safe space in which to share them with another human being. There isn't a lot to talk about, but E and I have known each other for a while and I've found I can say anything to her between those four walls. The existence of a room like that in life is rare. I'm grateful to E for so carefully constructing ours.



Bob said...

re: friends getting a divorce, as much as you think you are walking around like zombies, believe me, they are living the zombie life. It's probably about as bad as a death in the close family. Except, there's blame involved...and truth is, it's probably shared 50/50. And it's still very painful to come to the realization that those vows taken so seriously, are now null and void. It hurts. I hope there are no children involved.

3:29 PM