Fingers crossed

Today is tax day at the Mac house - I'm hoping hoping hoping we'll get money back. Last year we got trounced on tax day - to the tune of thousands of dollars - and if that happens again this year I will freak out. Seriously.

Wish us luck!



Michelle said...

Good luck!! I hope you don't have to pay in!

4:09 PM
~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Good luck!

6:04 PM
Vikki a.k.a "V" said...

Oh, I feel your pain. We should be able to write off our four legged family. We are going to owe this year as well. I miss the days when we got money back. However, my stepfather reminds me (he is an accountant) that when you owe you didn't lend the government money without interest. Why should they get a free loan, right?

7:30 AM
seussgirl said...

Good luck! We are also hoping for our first return in years! We've had to pay for several years...ugh.

7:33 AM
DeeMarie said...

Totally got my fingers crossed for you!!!!! GO REFUND!!!

7:15 AM
Bina said...

Good luck! We had to pay last year, too, and it totally sucked the big one, especially since we own a house and claim two kids! I freaking HATED it! The last year I was single, I claimed three kids, single, head of household, owned a house, and I got back $6,000! there are many reasons to remain single, huh? LOL

12:00 PM
~Virginia~ said...

gah! tax time is always so stressful. here's hoping money comes back to you this year! :)

3:20 PM
HeatherPride said...

It sucks to owe!! I started having extra money taken out of my check because I got hit so hard one year! Good luck!

3:40 PM
Bob said...

I got money back last year, will get money back this year, but to do that, you have to make a LOT less money than the average household! Guess it's a tradeoff, either way, you're screwed!

4:14 PM
shopgirl said...

I'm doing mine this week too - I hope I get money back this year - I ususally do - but when I need it it seems I don't get it!! Good luck!!

4:16 PM