I'm at Starbucks surrounded by three teenager girls all squished around the fireplace, texting like mad and having inane conversations. Why why why????? I came here for some peace and quiet!!!



Cat said...

You went in public. It's totally your fault.

3:03 PM
~Virginia~ said...

reason #472 i rarely step into a starbucks anymore. :)

3:59 PM
calicobebop said...

Uggghhh. I don't envy you - best of luck surviving the little monsters.

4:13 PM
Vanessa said...

I overhear the best stuff at Starbucks though!

11:22 AM
Crys :D said...

so like, what's up? you know? because my mini skirt is, like, way short? and like, it's winter? so my mom was like "what are you wearing? because, like, it's winter?" and i was like "o. m. g. you are SO old!" because, like, who cares? it's awesome?

12:57 PM